We don’t like to brag, but our clients do.

Our loyal clients are the heart of our business.  We invite you to review what they have to say about their inflight experience with Silver Lining.

The pax loved everything! It was perfect! I always appreciate the quality, quantity, and presentation of your food. Thank you very much for checking in with me.

Maggie-June 2019


Everything was perfect! We routinely use pictures of your orders when we use other caterers around the country. Thank you for reaching out, our principles have always been very pleased with items delivered by Silver Lining.

Whitney-June 2019

Yes!  Everything was wonderful!  My lead passenger complimented many times how great the food tasted!  We always have a positive experience with Silver Lining and will always turn to you with our catering needs, always dependable, always great food!  Thank you for a lovely Sunday and for providing a beautiful lunch for our passengers!!

Stephanie, Corporate Cabin Attendant-March 2019

Thank you to all of you that help to get these orders out so fast, correctly, and perfectly plated/cooked. You guys are so dependable it really is rare in the inflight catering industry. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work!!!

Shannon, Corporate Cabin Manager-March 2019


I just want to say how fabulous the catering was. Everything was exceptional. Truly delicious and well labeled. The lobster chowder was outstanding. Who made that, major thanks. Bit hit. Stone crabs were perfect. Thank you for your company’s outstanding food and attention to detail.

Peg, Corporate Cabin Attendant-March 2019

I wanted to express my thanks for the suburb service and quality of food we received from you last week in PBI. Thanks you also for providing us with Vegan, Gluten Free and Vegetarian all in one order! We also appreciate sending someone out to the aircraft to organize and answer our questions. Thanks again!

Kim, Corporate Flight Attendant-February 2019


I just wanted to say thanks!! My flowers were beautiful and my passengers raved about both breakfast omelet and sandwiches as well as the charcuterie tray. Thanks for making me look great!

Rhonda, Corporate Flight Attendant- January 2019


Everything was beyond excellent. Platinum service! Wonderful catering thanks to each of  you for all your efforts. See you soon.

Victoria, Corporate Flight Attendant-January 2019


Catering was spectacular. Just out of the ballpark! It was so great – once again. Thank you for the consistency and special attention to our orders. Your efforts never go unnoticed.

Victoria, Corporate Flight Attendant – March 2018

As always the catering was perfect! I’ve ordered from Silver Lining many times, and each time I’m thoroughly impressed with the presentation, quality and service. I wish you had operations in every city in the world! It would make my job so much easier. The passengers and crew were very happy with their meals yesterday. The grilled artichoke hearts on the Mediterranean snack tray were unbelievably delicious! Thank you once again for making me look good! We are not flying regularly to South Florida and will be placing many orders with you in the near future.

Bonnie (again!) – Corporate Flight Attendant – February 2018

Thank you for the beautiful catering. As always, it’s the best in the industry!  Also, thank you for adding on to the order for me last night, and your prompt communications with me. It puts my mind at ease when I don’t have to worry about if the food will arrive on time or the order is correct.

Bonnie – Corporate Flight Attendant – January 2018

I’m so happy to have placed my catering order with you and your company. Everything looks amazing! Happy girl 🙂

Mary – Corporate Flight Attendant – December 2017

Our Principal Owner asked me to tell you that the lunches you prepared and delivered to their aircraft on Friday to South Palm Beach were the best she has ever had in her life. Thank you from me too – it makes my job so much easier!

Paula – Assistant – November 2017

I just wanted to let you know how happy my passengers were with the catering. The smoked salmon was a huge hit, plus the burritos. They loved the chunky seafood chowder and the chicken tortilla soup. Also the Cubans were delicious. I wish there were more aircraft caterers like Silver Lining around the country. Thank you again for your help, the great quality and value for money. It really made my day go so smoothly.

Alison – Corporate Flight Attendant – October 2017

To all, I know it was short notice (my order at 3 AM yesterday). We arrived safely overseas, yet it is imperative that I make a few remarks. Everything was fantastic, outstanding, excellent! Thanks so much for the attentive care which you continually provide to our orders. It is abundantly apparent that someone is paying attention.  The sloppy joes, pickles… Just everything was perfect… Our passengers were very thankful. No room for improvement; everything was so nice. See you all when we return.

Victoria – Flight Attendant – August 2017

…Everything was excellent. Exactly as ordered. Well packed, fresh, and well presented. Thank you for going the extra mile to get the NY newspapers. That was important to our principal. All in all, passengers and crew were happy. We use your catering out of West Palm when we go in November. I was extremely happy to see that you catered to MIA as well.

Lorraine – Flight Attendant – June 2017

I wanted to let you know that your Miami team provided us with some wonderful food. The freshness and presentation were exactly what we had expected. Our passengers commented that the Filet Oscar was excellent. We also enjoyed the lobster and crab claws. My passengers and I will look forward to our next culinary experience in Miami using your delicious services.

Karl – Flight Engineer – May 2017

I know that I speak for both my colleague Patricia and I when I tell you how truly grateful we are for the service that you provide. You did a flawless job with our rush order on Sunday, as usual. We truly do appreciate your willingness to accommodate us so graciously, especially in circumstances such as those. Again, we cannot thank you enough for everything that you do for us.  Thank you for being so wonderful to work with!

Kristen – Corporate Flight Attendant – April 2017

Thank you so much for our box lunches today, they were fabulous! The Pasta Salad was to die for! What is the name of it? Our guests would love it! Thanks again, have a nice evening!

Shannon – Corporate Cabin Attendant – March 2017

Thank you for the excellent service and the food looks amazing. Appreciate it and will put it in our report. Have a good day 🙂

Angela – Lead Corporate Flight Attendant – February 2017

Thank you for the beautiful catering you delivered!  My passengers and crew were all very pleased.  As always, your presentation was beautiful, serving sizes generous, and best of all, the food tasted great!

Bonnie – Corporate Flight Attendant – January 2017

It was wonderful as always! So nice to be able to be proud of the catering!

Laura Carroll – Corporate Flight Attendant – December 2016

I just wanted to comment on your PBI team. They did such an amazing job. It’s so nice to have a catering company that follows requests perfectly. Everything was so great. Makes our passengers happy and my job a lot easier. Thank you for a fantastic job!

Lena – Corporate Cabin Specialist – November 2016

Catering was AMAZING. Everything was perfect & super pretty! Salads were fresh and nicely plated. Thanks for your attention!

Julieanna White – Flight Attendant – October 2016

I just unpacked the catering, and as always, I am thrilled with the beautiful presentation and galley-friendly packaging! Your company has no equal when it comes to service, presentation and quality. Thank you for helping me keep my passengers happy and making my job so much easier. Please pass along my sincere thanks to everyone involved with my catering order.

Bonnie Dorr – Flight Attendant – September 2016

The catering was perfect. I think the sea bass was the best I have had and the seafood platters were delicious! Well done on your catering staff. We did appreciate the quality cuisine and customer service provided.

Jillian – Flight Department – August 2016

Catering was wonderful, exactly what we asked for. Silver Lining has been exceeding our expectations constantly, and remains our preferred provider in the area.

Andre Danita – Chief-Pilot – June 2016

The catering was fabulous!!! Some of the very best I have ever seen! Many thanks!

Karen – Flight Attendant – May 2016

Once again, I’d like to thank Silver Lining Inflight Catering for the great job on our Inflight Meal Tray for our group on Thursday, April 21st! I mean, just bravo! I also want to thank you for your patience during the various iterations of this order, this group was a particular challenge and I thank you for hanging in with us. We will absolutely be working with you going forward for our upcoming events, and will enthusiastically point anyone and everyone in your direction in need of a quality, extraordinary catering company! Please let your team know how very much we appreciate the beautiful meal they prepared for us!

Wingman Adventures Team – April 2016

Thank you for the terrific catering today! My passengers especially loved the beef satay. I told them I love flying into Florida because I get to order from a top catering company that is always fantastic!

Jill – Corporate Flight Attendant – March 2016

Silver Lining outperforms every other caterer we have hands down. Their quality and presentation is second to none. Truly a leader in the catering world! Thank you for delivering such great meals that give me the energy to get through my day. Well done as always!

Anonymous Crew Member – February 2016

Thank you very much for our catering yesterday. It was all fantastic and one of our best orders within the USA yet! The seafood platter was exceptional and although our flights were short and some of our passengers had already eaten, they insisted on taking all the seafood dishes home with them to eat!

Anna H. – Corporate Flight Attendant – Europe, February 2016

… The catering today was delicious! Very tasty and the presentation was FANTASTIC! As always! Thank you to the Chef and the entire team for a great job!

Regina H. – Flight Attendant, February 2016

I just wanted to let you know that my passengers said your catering last night was the best meal they have had in a long time. Catering was as much of a hit as the cake. You really made their flight home great after a long day of meetings.

Patrizia G. – Travel & Logistics, February 2016

Good morning! I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing catering I received yesterday on my G450. The presentation and quality were exceptional! The passengers were thrilled and were taking pictures of it. Thanks for making my job easy!

Amy G. – Senior International Flight Attendant, January 2016

Catering was perfect, thank you. Right down to the exact amount asked for, as well as packaging. Acai bowls turned out awesome, we love them on 40AA! So fresh and healthy – not  to mention how delicious they are! Great way to start your day! Thank you for reaching out. I am always happy about using Silver Lining. Also, I am wishing you and your team a very Happy Holiday!”

Kristy K. – Corporate Cabin Attendant, December 2015

In terms of the lunch, the baked potatoes were the perfect size & the sides (bacon, etc.) were good. The soup was perfect, and I appreciated that the chef sent separate containers for the broth & stock. I was able to serve the soup at the precise consistency [the passengers] like. The cupcakes were absolutely beautiful, whimsical & delicious. Such a “sweet” dessert – my passengers can’t help but smile when I serve these. I have to say, they put everyone in a good mood! They were packed well & kept perfect until I served them on the midday leg. Thanks again for looking out for me!

Julianna W. – Flight Attendant, UJZ Air, December 2015

The owner went to lunch before coming to the aircraft. So… I had my eye and a watering mouth on those gorgeous, fresh finger sandwiches. We arrived at our destination and I had to ( at least) offer the catering to them to take home and to my surprise, they took it all home! I’m certain that they enjoyed it! I drive home with Burger King. Sometimes, life is hard! Thanks for everything!

Blair L. – Flight Attendant, November 2015

Thank you for checking up on our order.  We were very happy with the catering; the freshness and appearance of the food was great, it was all nicely sized and arranged  on the plates, and delivered on time.  The online ordering, confirmation, and billing process worked very well, and made it very easy for us to get high-end quality catering on the Jet.  I will continue to use Silver Lining when we are in Southeast Florida.

Jeff – Anonymous, November 2015

Coincidently you really do have the finest catering … The Pax loved the sandwiches. OUTSTANDING!! I love the creativity, please continue!

Dawn B. – Flight Attendant, October 2015

You did a fabulous job! They (the passengers) were extremely pleased. I can always rely on your company for freshness and presentation. Great suggestions with the fried pita and hummus. The shrimp were exceptional. Thank you again for being truly reliable. It means a lot in this industry.

Christine B. – Flight Attendant, September 2015

Food was excellent! The passengers enjoyed everything. Thank you to Silver Lining for a continued job well done! Always a pleasure working with you!

Mary B. – Cabin Aide, August 2015

The catering was amazing and the passengers loved the open sandwiches and dips! I can not thank you enough for all your help tailoring the order with some Middle Eastern flair! Stunning presentation and work!

Danielle S. – Contract Flight Attendant, May 2015

My catering was amazing as always! The Silver Lining Team makes my job so much easier and also makes me look great! Kudos to the team for doing an outstanding job. I always look forward to flying to Florida just to experience the fine cuisine that I will get from the best caterer in all of South Florida.

Liz D. – Contractor, November Registered, April 2015

Last Tuesday we placed a simple order for some wraps and finger sandwiches for our Wednesday noon departure. At 10 am on Wednesday “Mr. Big” called to advise us that we would have an additional passenger and, “by the way”, could we do “something fun” like maybe some caviar. I suggested that it was a little late for such a request, but I would try. I called Silver Lining and talked with Karen. She said it would be close, but she would try. At 11:45 “Mr. Big’s” limo showed up and, simultaneously, the Silver Lining van appeared. The caviar presentation was fabulous and “Mr. Big” was flabbergasted that we actually got the caviar on such short notice. My sincere thanks for making me a hero in this situation. You are the actual heroes. Keep up the great work. I’ll pass it on in the company.

Edd K. – Solairus Aviation, April 2015

Everything was great! Thanks so much! I am back next week so I will be sure to use you again!

Shanna C. – Corporate Flight Attendant, Gulf Coast Aviation, April 2015

I would like to herewith thank Silver Lining and especially Mr. Neal Edelstein for the excellent service I received on 23 Aug 2014 when servicing VP-CHA. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and Mr. Edelstein went well beyond what was expected to make sure we had everything we needed; everything was very organized! And he has an exceptional can-do attitude! It was an absolute pleasure working with you!

Anouk N. – VVIP Corporate Flight Attendant, March 2015

I am always happy with the catering from Silver Lining. It’s always consistent, beautiful, appetizing and delicious and the quality that our  VIP passengers expect. I wish there were more companies throughout the country that could compare to Silver Lining! You make my job easier, but most of all passengers love it, therefore you make me look good!

Kimberly R. – Cabin Attendant, Delta Private Jets, February 2015

I wanted to thank you and compliment you on our catering order yesterday.  The passengers were very impressed as was the crew (who have seen their fair share of airport catering).  The lead passenger called the catering “one of the highlights of the day”! Just thought I’d pass the feedback on to you and let you know that we will make you a preferred vendor whenever we need catering in your service area.

Diana M. G. – President, Direct Approach Aviation, LLC, December 2014

Mike, I consider you as one of the best caterers in the United States! Thanks again for the follow up.

Gareth John O. – Air Craft Manager, November 2014

We got it spot-on this morning!  Thank you and your entire team for your hard work. Clean plates & happy PAX – it was all delicious. Your efforts were much appreciated!!!

Julieanna W. – Flight Attendant, UJZ Air, October 2014

Dear kind sweet folks at Silver Lining, I just want to write a quick note to thank you so much for today’s crazy catering order. Someone really took the time to make it right. The owner’s just loved the exotic fruit kabobs! And I tasted some smoked salmon with capers and it was so good! The presentation was right on. I also had some of the fritata with the roasted red pepper, sautéed mushrooms, onion, cheddar and bacon and it was outstanding! They loved it! My personal favorite was the cheese board with such a fantastic array of cheeses, the honeycomb and honey, and almonds! I was so proud to serve it that I may just come over there and work with you!!! The two flower arrangements were gorgeous! And they didn’t fall over on landing. Thank you so much for what you do and for putting up with flight attendants like me! It’s a thankless business, so thank you, so kindly! I can’t wait to order from you again and again!

 Blair L. – Flight Attendant, September 2014

Thank You for your note, Mike! It’s people like you, who run your business with a good understanding of the customer, and who handle complaints professionally and courteously, who keep their customers coming back! And I’m one of them! Thanks for taking good care of us! We’ll be back!

Keri M. – Flight Coordinator, August 2014

Dear Silver Lining: I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Thank you!!!   …for everything you do for us, and our customers, for being so reliable and have such a great presentation and quality. For helping us when we need it, for building a strong relationship with us over the years …and… Yes! for sending us this delicious lunch last Monday that all of our team mates enjoyed! Thank you Mitch, Mike and the entire team at Silver Lining!

Customer & Line Service Team at Banyan Air Service, July 2014


Landmark Aviation Tamiami is very thankful for the wonderful dinners you guys provided our staff on Thanksgiving Day!! We appreciate your generosity, and look forward to continue doing business with you!! Just FYI – One of my best CSR’s was working Thursday night, and I wanted to take this time and share her thoughts with you… “I was here on Thanksgiving evening and had the pleasure and privilege of enjoying that Thanksgiving dinner from Silver Lining. It was superb! If we could give them a sincere, heartfelt thank you and a thumbs up regarding “taste” for that meal that would be wonderful.”  -Gina E. Naranjo, Customer Service Representative – Landmark Aviation Tamiami

Raquel F. – Customer Service Supervisor Landmark Aviation, Tamiami, 2014

You have no idea how much easier it makes my day when the catering is as perfect as yours.  I fly the NetJets Citation Excel, which has no flight attendant, and thus for seven years and thousands of crew and passenger catering orders from hundreds of vendors all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas, I have dealt with the best and worst of packaging, food quality and visual appeal/disaster.  A few specifics that help rank Silver lining at the top of my best caterers’ short list:

1.  Consistently outstanding food quality and freshness.  I have never seen a stray passe lettuce leaf, bruised tomato, crushed piece of fruit or poorly cooked entree in anything from Silver Lining.  Thoughtful attention to visual appeal and color contrast far surpasses the norm.

2.  Superb packaging, including placing the cutlery on the OUTSIDE of the meal box rather than the inside, where the napkin wrapper quickly becomes saturated with food juices.  The saran wrapping is perfect, not so tight or extensive that older, arthritic passengers need assistance with it, yet sturdy enough to help preserve the meal presentation and protect it from outside contamination. The clearly labeled outer bags with handles are a godsend, as the catering orders are transferred several times – delivery car to cooler, cooler to FBO handler(s), FBO handler(s) to aircrew waiting in the plane, aircrew to catering drawer.  I shudder when I see a catering order arriving at the plane in an FBO golf cart, dispersed on a dozen separately wrapped dinner plates, all of which have to be handled separately.  The FBO personnel and aircrew handling each of these plates may have just changed the lavoratory  fluid, handled turbine oil or jetfuel, or otherwise have the most unsanitary hands imaginable.  So the double protection of the saran wrap AND the outer carrying bags with handles is a godsend in preventing contamination and preserving the integrity of your outstanding products.

3.  Exceptional handling of difficult meals like fish.  Thank you, thank you for cooking the fish through prior to delivering it to the FBO.  The majority of catered fish meals are seared or grilled outside yet uncooked within when they reach the FBO,  I suppose to allow final cooking by the crewmember in the microwave just prior to eating.  But this sets up a microbial bed and breakfast, and several times per year either my flying partner or I get food poisoning from such a scenario, as the final microwaving  does NOT kill the bacteria.

Silver Lining mahi was perfectly cooked, and I wish you could give lessons to many seafood restaurants and most of our other caterers. Thank you again for helping make my job so much easier – when I don’t have to spend time repairing or replacing catering, I can devote my efforts to weather planning, aircraft servicing and other essentials.  And acknowledge the gratitude of passengers whose catering contributes strongly to their satisfaction or displeasure with the flight.

Michelle M. – Captain, Citation Excel NetJets Aviation, 2014