Meet our Team


MIKE LINDER   vice president

MATT LINDER   director of operations

ROBERT GRANT   corporate executive chef

NEAL EDELSTEIN   aviation accounts manager

LINSEY BARTA   marketing director

RONNIE MORRIS   accounting department

LAUREN ROBERTS   accounting department

KAREN ROBERTS   customer service manager

LAURA WEIDGANS   customer service representative

ANNA PEREZ   customer service representative

BROOKE BATURA   customer service representative

BRUCE ROBERTS   customer service representative

JAZMIN SANTAMARIA   customer service representative

KIMBERLY MOLINA   customer service representative

MARK NEWBILL   lead expediter

LANCE OPIE   expediter

TIM TIDYMAN   expediter


To contact a member of our team, please call 888.917.1020 or email and ask to be put in touch with the team member. To become a team member, please submit your inquiry to with the subject line “Career Opportunity Inquiry”.