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November 14, 2019
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POMPANO BEACH, FL – Nov. 14th, 2019

Silver Lining Inflight Catering announces the release of their 2019 Seasonal Fall | Winter Menu. The flavor profiles across the board from appetizer to soup to entree to dessert will have you feeling ready for Fall. The new menu perfectly describes the season with its availability of vegan and vegetarian options, along with bringing in ingredients such as candied pecans, cinnamon & dried fruit stuffing, Faroe island salmon with pomegranate glaze to name a few.

Executive Chef, Robert Grant, went about creating each course to construct an in-depth 5-course meal with a wide variety of flavors to keep passengers guessing and above all else, to keep them satisfied. A little spice there, a little sweetness here, a little heat there, a little crunch here. You can expect guests to be looking forward to each new course as it’s served to them.

As always, you can order from their main menu, but they urge you to try their new additions. Custom printed menus for your flight are also available upon request. Passengers will be delighted before they even get a glance at their first course. You can see the full menu at the link below. Call or email anytime to place your next order. #WeveGotYouCatered

Check out the menu here!

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